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Basic Electrical Repair Golden Rules

Working with electricity poses a lot of risks, especially for the inexperienced DIY person. However, there are several electrical repair safety rules that you must follow in order to make sure that the electrical installations and systems in your home or office are working properly. Here are some golden rules that you might want to follow before you start working:

Golden Rule # 1: You never know!

Imagine yourself working with wires and your general electrician has advised you that you need to turn off the main switch before working with any wiring. But do not count the main switch as an assurance that you will not be electrocuted. Instead, treat every electrical device as if it is energized or live.

Golden Rule # 2: Metal is a big no no!

Do you like working with metallic rulers or pencils? If so, it might be a good idea to swap them with something else especially when working with electrical systems. This is a rule that is easily forgotten by inexperienced DIY home electricians.

Golden Rule # 3: Work in a dry area!

The last thing that you want to do is work with electricity in a damp environment or with wet clothing. Before you change a lightbulb or tweak a few wires here and there, change into dry clothes and make sure that you are not standing in a puddle of water.

Golden Rule # 4: Safety gear!

Safety gear was made for a reason and this is to protect you. Don’t be a daredevil and always do routine maintenance with safety gear such as safety shoes, hat, and glasses.

Golden Rule # 5: Call a professional!

If you are unsure, it might be best to call an electrical contractor to do the job for you. These certified professionals are trained to work with electrical systems and can do the job for you and at the same time make things safer.


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